Probe Requests

Most wifi-enabled devices are constantly broadcasting the name of networks that they have connected to in the form of Probe Request data packets.

Monitor Mode

Rather than using your wifi card to surf the web Probe Kit™ sets your network interface to “Monitor Mode” where it can decode raw 802.11 wireless packets, the Probe Requests which are floating all around us.

Data Inference

Using a geotagged wifi router database and MAC address manufacturer lists data inferences can be performed to garner high-level information about devices and their owners with varying degrees of confidence.

    E-mails, instant messages, videos, photos, voice chats, social network profile details ¹ and other file transfers are floating all around us everyday in the form of network datagrams ². While most of us have little appreciation for this, some of us are born with the irresistible urge ³ to capture all this data! If this is you, there’s a chance you haven’t started a personal collection of network data because of the fancy equipment required or the expense of storing it all. Fear not! Introducing Probe Kit™, designed for amateur and hobby network data collectors interested in getting started. No need to make secret deals with large Internet companies, with our kit you can start your own network data collection from the comfort of your own desktop! Probe Kit™ is an all-in-one starter kit for collecting probe requests, one of the fluttering data packets from wireless devices out in the wild.

Device Collection

Capture and save all the probing wireless devices around you

Filter Search

As your collection grows, filters become a useful way to search through your devices

Vendor Info and Networks

Display vendor info and associated networks list

Migration Patterns

Cross reference your collection data with geotagged beacon frames

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